Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gypsies, Tramps and Theives Traveling Show in the Sistine Chapel

How on earth do you schedule something like this and not remember what Christ did with whips when they did it 2000 years ago?

Don't even get me started.

And people are worried about an asteroid hitting the earth?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Pope Francis Claims the Church has been Teaching Error on Death Penalty for 2000 Years

I would think this is the checkmate on convicting him of formal heresy. 

I believe I also read an excerpt from the speech saying the death penalty is 'one of the' teachings in the Catechism that needs to change.

Getting weirder by the minute.

Monday, October 9, 2017

A few more tidbits on the Boston College Coven on Amoris Laetitia

First, take a look at the posture of the woman beside Cupich.   

Her breasts are touching his chest.  I can't think of a way to describe the posture of her legs without sounding vulgar, except to say the familiarity displayed between their body parts is weird and inappropriate.  Anyone know who that chick is?

And...lookie who is at the top of the steps on the right, glowing like a flashlight in the rabbit hole.

Oh Lordie no.

Are you kidding me?

That's a crying shame!

Pope Francis Amoris Laetitia Circus Rolled into Boston College

Fr. Z has a great description:

One thing that emerged is that they are pushing the primacy of “experience”.  This means that if your experience prompts you to do X, well, that must be okay even though the Church teaches that X might even be intrinsically evil.  Your “experience” authorizes you to do X.  Furthermore, the clergy’s role must then be to affirm your choice and accompany you as you pursue it.  I think I got that right.

No doubt this will be a breath of fresh air to murdering cannibals.

This is the logic the Roman lavender mafia also used with pedophile priests. How'd that work out for them?

Be sure not to read the Pope Francis screwball talking points of 'accompaniment' before your morning coffee (Fr. Z's comments in red):

Natalia Imperatori-Lee, a theologian at Manhattan College, said Latino reception of Amoris Laetitia “cannot be understood” outside the historical legacy of the colonial system in the Americas. “

She also said:

Imperatori-Lee said that in Francis’ call for better respect of decisions laypeople make in their lives, Latinos see the pope “pointing to the infantilization of laypeople and families that is so commonly a feature of colonization.” [colonization?]

“The infantilization of the laity has its historical roots in a view of laypeople as objects of clerical control: pay, pray and obey, or as Pius X notes in [the 1906 encyclical] Vehementer Nos, ‘the right of the laity is to allow itself to be led,’ ” she said.

Imperatori-Lee said Francis, however, sees the family as “the protagonist of its own destiny.”
“Couples become the subjects of their history, even as pastors and confessors retain a role of accompaniment and listening,” she said.

I’m pretty sure that this is code for: You don’t have to listen to the Church if you don’t want to.
"The replacement of conscience is an act of domination, again colonization,” she said, paraphrasing Peruvian theologian Gregorio Pérez. [I wonder what theological school he could be aligned with.] “It is an abuse of power. The formation of conscience, on the other hand, is life-giving ministry.” [I’m not quite sure who that Gregorio Pérez is, but I suspect it could be this guy.]
Manuel Pérez Martínez (May 9, 1943 – 1998), also known as "El Cura Pérez" ("Pérez the Priest"), was leader of the Colombian National Liberation Army (ELN) over three decades.
Born on May 9, 1943 in Alfamén, Spain, Pérez was originally a priest, and worked in Spain, France, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. Following his expulsion from the Dominican Republic in 1968 he went to Colombia, and in 1969 joined the ELN. He became that group's leader some time in the 1970s and remained so until his death in 1998 from hepatitis B.
Pérez was considered an extremist; one former guerrilla described him as "rigid and brutal".[1] His leadership is thought to have significantly affected the ELN's ideology (Cuban-style Marxism and liberation theology) and methods (which led to accusations of kidnapping, torture, and execution).

Unbelievable.  This crowd is gaga for murdering dictators who pass out free cheese.

Here is another rocket scientist who threw her two cents in:

Cathleen Kaveny, a theologian and civil lawyer at Boston College, spoke about how the church considers people who have been divorced and remarried without first obtaining annulments.

Kaveny used her dual professional background to examine how the church might turn to U.S. civil law as a resource for a re-evaluation of how it sees remarriage as a continuing kind of adultery.  [US civil law as resource… Does that mean theological locus?  What about laws that permit abortion?  Aren’t there still some sodomy laws on the books?  What about the Ohio law that it is illegal for five women to live in the same house?]

I bet she has a horse in that race. In what world is this woman a 'theologian'?

Mind boggling.

And of course the Holy Father's commissioning of this Roman nitwit gives license for him to fly into Boston College to give the Pope's assent to everything this group of picadors said. He explained that it is now possible to build Sanctifying Grace from living in a perpetual state of mortal sin because Pope Francis has flushed moral theology down the toilet.

"It is no longer possible to judge people on the basis of a norm that stands above all," he concluded.

For the life of me, I cannot imagine being so numbskulled that I could plant my butt in a chair and intellectually consent to this lunatic drivel.

The stupidity surrounding us is painful.

All that needs to be said about any of this can be rationalized from the following quote I found (and stole) from Angelqueen. It was a response to a post on Fr. Martin, but it's applicable to every addiction to vice and sin:

There is no such thing as an LGBTQ theologian, or philosopher. Those enslaved to aberrant passions or other irrational lusts are incompetent to reason to the truth, from the simple fact that they hate truth because it militates against their enslavement, which they don’t actually love, but think they love, simply because they think it is “who they are” (which it isn’t, of course).

And the totally arbitrary, self-referential, often utterly unintelligible ravings of this narcissistic pervert Cheng are an example.

This kind of thing makes one see the wisdom of God in creating a hell.

Thank God the Almighty the bishop of the see was out of town.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Worst Blasphemy Ever from Fr. James Martin

Fr. James Martin promotes Christ as a Queer.

On October 7, 2017, James Martin, SJ, posted an article by University of San Diego Professor Emily Reimer-Barry to his official Facebook timeline.

This is the kind of theology Pope Francis has chosen to have communicated and sanctioned as his:

Reimer-Barry quotes a prayer from Patrick Cheng’s book “Rainbow Theology.” According to Cheng, one of the goals of the book is to “rethink the enterprise of Christian theology by moving the experiences of LGBTIQ people of color from the margins to the center.”

Here are some excerpts from Cheng’s “Queer Christ:”

“Over the last few decades, many LGBT theologians have written about the Queer Christ. That is, they have responded to Jesus’ question of “who do you say that I am?,” in the same way in which theologians from other identity groups have written about the Black Christ, the Feminist Christ, the Asian Christ, and the contextual Christs. Thus, the primary implication of a move to a Christ-centered model of sin and grace for LGBT people is to place the Queer Christ at the center of thinking about sin and grace. In other words, both sin and grace are defined in terms of the Queer Christ.”

“If sin is conformity, then grace in the context of the Transgressive Christ can be understood as deviance, or the transgression of social, legal, and one’s religious boundaries and norms.”
“I have often thought that my own queerness has been an incredible gift of grace from God.”
“…as a manifestation of the grace of mutuality in light of the Erotic Christ. The grace of mutuality is not limited to couples or dyads; it can take the form of many different relational configurations.”

In his cosmology of the “Queer Christ,” Cheng proposes “seven new deadly queer sins:” exploitation, the closet, apathy, conformity, shame, isolation, singularity. In Cheng’s world view, it is a sin for an LGBT person to not “come-out,” to remain politically inactive in terms of LGBT advocacy, or conform to traditional Christian moral standards with regards to homosexuality.

In his earlier book, “Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology,” published in 2011, Cheng discussed “God as the Divine ‘Top.’” In gay slang “top” refers to the insertive partner during anal sex.

Cheng wrote:
Queer theologians have parodied God’s traditional divine attribute of omnipotence – that is, God’s all powerful nature – by superimposing sexual roles on God…the God the Hebrew Bible, can be understood as being the “top” in a homoerotic relationship with David, the king of Israel – akin to that of a warrior chief and his boy companion.

He also wrote at length about the Blessed Virgin Mary:
Indeed, the Virgin Marty can be understood as the antithesis of “family values” insofar as she erases the boundaries between traditional family categories of parent, spouse, and child. This is significant because we can understand Mary as deconstructing gender and family roles as opposed to merely reinforcing them as the Roman Catholic church and fundamentalist Christians would have us believe.

In a 2012 article for The Huffington Post, Cheng wrote:

Same-sex marriages are sacramental because they are a reflection of the larger grace-filled relationship between God and humanity.

Yet Martin continues to paint himself as the 'victim' of Catholics objecting to the proselytizing of the Holy Father's catastrophic and endless promotion of blasphemy and apostasy.

And the gutless ordained man who gushes over the 'theology' of a blasphemer, and appoints him to say the things he doesn't have the courage to say is the sneakiest of snakes.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Josef Seifert is latest victim of Francis Fatwa

This is a very articulate example of what I was talking about yesterday.

Seifert calls it the 'persecution of orthodoxy'.

The moral-theological crisis has moved from the bottom to the top of the Church. The victims of judgments or actions against them are denied the opportunity to defend themselves against unjust charges, a natural human right that is explicitly recognized in canon law.

That the archbishop does not remove Catholic theologians who spread errors and heresies while teaching in the name of the Catholic Church, but instead expels me from a chair he had created in a non-Church-affiliated school of philosophy, is beyond my comprehension. Such a persecution of someone who defends teachings that are entirely compatible with the Catholic Church is harmful not only for me, but for the archbishop himself and for the Church itself.

Beautifully said.

But after 50 years of it, is it really 'beyond comprehension'?

In a righteous world, of course a bishop would support the faithful and preserve the tools of salvation by removing a heretic. I confess that I still speculate the reasons why the bishops, and now pope, instead remove and attempt to silence their victims. But this is the behavior I expect from them. I'm not at all shocked or scandalized. In fact, I'm shocked that he's shocked.

Let's cut to the chase: If a bishop held onto this guy while the faithful were being purged for the last 30 years, he either has money, and a lot of it, or he has connections to politicians.

What went awry in the Church is, people with money and political connections were quite willing to play deaf, dumb and blind while the bishop attacked Catholic families for 30 years.

But when a bishop chases the well-heeled with a machete to slit the throats of truth and justice, they are blown away.

Welcome to our world.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Fr. James Martin Illustrates the Modus Operandi of Pope Francis (and the "Society of Jesus" Lock, Stock and Barrell)

...and about 90% of the dioceses in the USA.

Here's the dynamic most of us have been dealing with on the parish level for decades:

A flamboyant effeminate apostate priest gets assigned to the parish and starts 'proselytizing' that the Catechism taught at home is hateful and outdated. Your child/loved one comes home and explains all about how Father told them Church teaching now sanctions following the impulses of sexual urges and not to pay attention to hateful Catholics.

You go up the chain of command trying to get someone to explain to your children (parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, neighbors, coworkers, etc., etc.) not to apply this judgment in their lives. Panic-stricken - you go to the pastor, the Chancery, the nuncio, you write to Rome. With the exception of the nuncio and Rome who ignore you, everyone LOL. Your loved one start acting shady and you find out they are using condoms or birth control pills. You flee to another parish where the whole process starts over again. And then another parish. And another.

Before you know it, ten years goes by and your loved ones have zero respect for Church teaching.

We now have the displeasure of having a pope appointing the apostates and telling the world its good theology and naysayers are hateful, bitter, blah, blah, blah.

And here, emboldened, the Pope's flamboyant effeminate apostate spokesperson defends another flamboyant effeminate apostate priest by saying the apostasy is a 'powerful witness to the gospel' and people defending Church teaching are hate mongers.

I'm so sick of this incestuous clerical bromance, it isn't even funny.

Hell is empty and the devils are here.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

There is No Mercy in Misleading People with Apostasy

Empathy is not charity.

Excellent reading.

“You are now going to perform the most painful act of love that has ever been performed,” and “Certainly Christ would have apostatized for them,” he is speaking not the language of seventeenth-century Jesuits, but the language of Thomas Altizer and William Hamilton, twentieth-century Death of God theologians who believed that not only Christ but Christianity must die, that it is not finally Christian to be Christian, and that in the name of Christian charity, Christians must reject Christian truths.

Sounds like the makings of another Pope Francis Synod.

Meanwhile, in a world in which even our present pontiff has compared Christian evangelization to jihad, another kind of proselytism continues unabated, one that has no anxiety at all about influencing others. This is the kind of proselytism brought to bear on Rodrigues: the insidious, relentless pressure on the Christian to deny Christ.

This explanation of this new pontifical phenomenon as creating ourselves as a faux Christ is brilliant:

As promised, there are many Antichrists abroad in our day, of which Endō’s fictional deus ex fumie is just one small, particularly brazen example. In an age of empathy, the more pedestrian temptation is to become faux Christs ourselves, false messiahs who promise more than we can deliver.

Thinking along these lines, we can understand, finally, why empathy is preoccupied with the sufferings of other people, rather than with their joys. In the spiritual economy of modernity, the place that remains vacant is the place that belongs by right to Christ alone: “Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.” Our culturally sanctioned practice of empathy is an attempt to fill Christ’s shoes; it is a reiteration of the sin of Eden in a fresh guise. In place of Christ’s fearless, definitive Passion, we offer others our problematic, uneasy pity, a passion from which no one rises incorrupt. 

Wow. Just wow.

The more we learn about James Martin, the more demonic his shtick looks.

That Answers That

++Burke says his new appointment will not change or delay his plans to issue a fraternal correction if #Pope continues not to respond to the dubia

Get the popcorn and lemonade!